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        Choose the right 日博365app to live and invest in abroad

        Help with 日博365app selection Audit and due diligence Transaction support
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        • 100k
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        • 100k
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        • 8
          offices in Eurasia
        • 1200
          closed transactions
        • 700
          partners from all over the world


        Browse our ready-to-use international real estate investment strategies with the minimum entry level at €100,000 and the different yield rates.

        • 3—7 % Rental business Rental business 3—7 %
        • 10 % Tranio's bonds Tranio's bonds 10 %
        • 6—12 % Renovation Renovation 6-12 %
        • 10—15 % Construction Construction 10-15 %
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        The quest for the Golden Visa: a Tranio.com client on buying a flat in Estepona, Spain

        My university friend recommended Tranio.com to us. Then, Leila, a manager at one of Tranio.com’s partner agencies in Spain, found a suitable option for us: a two-bedroom flat on the third floor of the very same residential complex that had attracted us previously.

        A family couple from the Baltics gives and insight about their latest purchase: an apartment in the Austrian Alps

        We would like to especially thank Tranio’s partners: they escorted us to the developer’s office, helped us deal with the documents, and we managed to sign the offer first.

        A Tranio client shares her impressions of buying a flat in Antalia

        I had only pleasant impressions: I viewed many options, and all of them were high-quality ones. Tranio’s Turkey representative - Maria - together with her husband Anton, considered all my preferences and didn't impose their opinions on me.



        Tranio receives over 1,000 service requests per month. We communicate with the client, find out what they’re looking for.


        Our partners receive not only requests about their properties requests regarding other partners’ real properties.

        Send a request Partnership conditions


        We can help you select real estate abroad for your clients, register documents and close transactions, meanwhile you receive commission in accordance with the agreement!

        Various Companies trust us with their clients


        We are?open to?cooperation with?companies and?agencies from?all over the?world. Tranio proposes three listing options:

        1. Work under a?partnership programme agreement and?listing upload for?a?transaction commission fee
        2. Paid listings and?direct work with?clients without commission on?transactions
        3. Free listing upload programme without a?commission fee for?companies from?77?countries.
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        Tranio's managers are here to help you select a 日博365app
        Marina Filichkina
        Marina Filichkina
        Head of Sales
        +44 17 4822 0039
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          • 0% commission to Tranio
          • Residence permit support
          • Mortgage rates from 1.5%
          Buy or rent overseas 日博365app

          Our international 日博365app catalogue has over 120 thousand listings worldwide for every budget, for holidays or forever.

          No extra costs or hidden charges

          Our services are free-of-charge to clients and we guarantee no mark-ups by our partners.

          Get help with overseas real estate investments

          We offer ready-made solutions for?investments in?overseas real estate and?develop individual projects for?any budget.

          Find out more about Tranio here.

          Do you have a question about overseas 日博365app? Contact us by phone at +44 17 4822 0039 or email info@kcnywv.com.cn

          Sell or let your 日博365app

          It’s easy with us. Advertise an unlimited number of properties for rent or sale on Tranio.

          Join our Partnership Program

          We work with dedicated and trustworthy real estate agencies with a great reputation. Learn more about our Partnership Program.

          All the latest real estate news

          Our dedicated team of journalists and real estate experts monitor the markets to bring investors and stakeholders up-to-date news and reports.

          Buy 日博365app and get residence permit

          Invest €250,000 in 日博365app and get residency in Greece with our help

          +44 17 4822 0039